1.5um CoSF-R Narrow Linewidth Single Frequency Fiber Laser Basic Module

Short Description:

Optimized Traveling Wave design, no standing wave

Very narrow linewidth, down to Hz level

Ultra low phase noise

All PM fiber design

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    Product Description:

    Connet Laser CoSF-1 is a low noise single frequency fiber laser module designed based on Connet Laser’s proprietary technology, a patent pending “Optimized Ring Cavity” designed to eliminate the standing wave Spatial Hole Burning (SHB) phenomenon which appears easily in short linear cavity. It comes with the particular ultra-narrow filter and the polarization controlling technology to realize PM, single longitudinal mode and ultra-narrow linewidth output.

    The CoSF-1 series 1.5um SF fiber laser basic module features the ultra-narrow linewidth in the kHz range, extremely low RIN and intensity noise and excellent SMSR more than 50dB. In addition, CoSF-1 takes unique high-intensity package to ensure that it can normally be operated in different kinds of environments and achieve single longitudinal mode output without mode-hopping even under the bad conditions such as the temperature changes, vibration and shocking, etc.

    The CoSF-1 series 1.5um single frequency fiber laser basic module is normally with mW range output power and the higher output power can be customized. The center wavelength can be chosen freely in the range of 1535-1605nm, such as the standard wavelengths of ITU.
    • Ultra narrow Lorentzian linewidth <1kHz 
    • Stable single frequency & single polarization operation
    • No mode-hopping, No out-bursting noise

    • Low phase and intensity noise
    • Flexible design, various wavelengths optional

    • PM output, high PER
    • Smart module, robust package


    • Fiber Optic Sensor
    • LiDAR
    • Acoustic sensing and pipeline monitoring
    • Laser spectroscopy
    • Coherent Communications

    • Gas absorption measurement
    • Metrology

    • RF and microwave photonics


    Parameter Unit Specification
    Min Typ. Max
    Part No.   COSF-1-1550-M-SF
    Center Wavelength1 nm 1530-1605nm (can be customized)
    Output Power mW - 5 10
    Output Laser Type   CW, Single frequency & Single polarization
    Beam Quality M2 <1.05
    Linewidth2 kHz - <1 -
    Side Mode Suppression Ratio (50pm res.) dB 55 58 -
    Phase Noise μRad/rt(Hz) 30
    RIN dBC/Hz <-120@1MHz; <-140@10MHz
    Output Polarization   Linear
    Polarization Extinction Ratio (PER) dB 20 - -
    Output Power Stability (PV) % - ±0.5 ±1.0
    Temperature Tuning (standard) nm   ±0.15 ±0.3
    Fast PZT Tuning Range (optional) pm - 15 -
    Output Light Isolation dB 35 - -
    Output Power Tunable Range % 10   100
    Operating Temperature -5 - 50
    Storage Temperature -20 - 65
    Humidity %RH 0-70 (Non-condensing)
    Power Supply VDC 5
    Output Fiber Type    PM1550-XP (SMF-28 Optional)
    Output Fiber Length m > 0.5
    Optical Connectors   FC/APC
    Dimensions mm 175(L)×130(W)×29(H)

    1.The center wavelength is selectable within the specified range. Other wavelengths are available.
    2. Lorentzian line shape with optical delay of 120us

    Optical Spectrum Shows High SMSR/OSNR


    Self-heterodyne, 50km SMF-28 fiber delay line, 70MHz frequency shifting with AOM. Typical linewidth is 552Hz. Frequency test shows very good frequency stability.


    Ordering Information

    15xx: Wavelength in nm, standard wavelength: 1550nm
    M: Module
    P: Output power in mW, Example: 05-5mW, 10-10mW


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