1064nm Short Pulse Fiber Laser for LiDAR

Short Description:

High peak power, high single pulse energy 1064nm pulsed fiber laser source for LIDAR

Either narrow spectrum width (<1nm) or wide spectrum width (tens of nanometers) can be provided on request

High average power up to 10W
High sing pulse energy up to mJ is on request

Customized design is welcome.


  • Standard Lead-time: 2-4 weeks typically
  • Price Terms: FOB Shanghai
  • Manufacturer: Connet Laser Technology
  • Customized Package/Size: Yes, please contact us
  • More Information: Please contact us
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    Connet Laser Technology Co., Ltd

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    Product Description:

    The 1064nm pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR of Connet Laser is a high peak power, high pulse energy fiber laser source. Using MOPA configuration and all-fiber optimized design, the laser can offer the high peak power and near diffraction-limited quality output beam. The 1064nm pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR of Connet Laser is the ideal source for LiDAR applications of 3D scanning, telemetry and range finding.

    The 1064nm pulsed fiber laser for LiDAR of Connet Laser employs the module package with compact and rugged design, integrated with external trigger and synchronization output monitor. It is easily deployed and maintenance-free, ensuring a long-life and cost-effective operation. The user also can adjust pulse width and repetition rate of the laser by connecting computer. It is suitable for system integration.

    • High peak power: up to 25kW
    • Average power: 5W
    • Repetition rate adjustable: 30-500 kHz
    • Excellent beam quality

    • LiDAR
    • 3D scanning
    • Range finding
    • Target detection
    • Telemetry


    Parameter Unit Specification
    Part No.   VFLS-1064-M-5-PL VFLS-1064-M-10-PL VFLS-1064-M-25-PL
    Operating Wavelength nm 1040-1083
    Pulse Width1 ns 1~50
    Repetition Rate2 KHz 30~500
    Peak Power KW 5 10 25
    Average Power w 5
    Output Power Stability3  % ±2
    Beam Quality4 M2 1.2 1.3
    Operation Mode   Short pulse
    Polarization   Random
    Trigger Mode   External TTL
    Output Fiber Type   SM fiber or LMA fiber
    Fiber Length m 0.5
    Output Fiber Connector   FC/APC+Collimator
    Control Interface   RS232
    Operating Voltage VDC 24
    Warm-up Time min 1
    Operating Temperature °C -10~+45
    Storage Temperature °C -20~+60
    Weight kg 2.8
    Cooling Mode   Air-cooled
    Dimensions mm 200X135X60mm

    1. Pulse width is adjustable;

    2. Frequency is adjustable;

    3. The output power stability is measured under 25℃, after 30 minutes’ warm-up;

    4. The beam quality is related to the output power.

    Ordering  Information


    XX: Pulse width in ns
    YY: Repetition rate in kHz
    ZZ: Peak power in KW, 04-4kW

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