PMJ-LMA Series Polarization Maintaining Fiber Patchcords

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Connet selects high-precision FC fiber optic connectors and ceramic ferrules for high-quality polarization-maintaining fiber jumpers. The operating wavelength range covers segment wavelengths (350-900 nm) and near-infrared wavelengths (900-1650 nm). And the mid-infrared wavelength (1900-2200nm) band, the product line is rich, to meet the needs of various applications.

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    Connet PMJ-LMA series polarization maintaining fiber patchcords adopt lager mode area (LMA) fiber, and specially designed for high power fiber laser and amplifier. Connet develops a wide range of lager mode area fiber patchcords in the 1µm, 1.5µm and 2µm bands for various applications.

    Connet PMJ-LMA series polarization maintaining fiber patchcords adopt PANDA type lager mode area polarization maintaining fiber and the slow Axis alignment, along with high-precision FC fiber connectors and ceramic ferrules for high quality.

    Connet uses each of the most demanding processes to carefully craft each polarization-maintaining fiber patchcords to ensure high return loss and high polarization extinction ratio(PER), concentricity deviation, control of shaft angle deviation and strict reliability experiments make these polarization-maintaining fiber patchcords meet the industry’s highest quality standards.

    Connet PMJ-LMA series polarization maintaining fiber patchcords use Narrow Key (2.0mm) FC fiber optic connectors with multiple connection options, including FC / UPC, FC / APC, and hybrid FC / UPC to FC / APC patchcords.



    ● Fiber laser
    ● Linear polarized fiber amplifier

    ● Coherent LIDAR
    ● Component pigtails
    ● Other scientific research

    ● Narrow key FC connector
    ● High PER

    ● High return loss
    ● Low insertion loss





    Product number  


    Operating wavelength nm 1.0um band 1.5um band 2.0um band
    Fiber type


    PLMA-GDF-10/125, PLMA-GDF-15/130 PLMA-GDF-20/400PLMA-GDF-25/250PLMA-GDF-30/250 PM-GDF-1550PLMA-GDF-6/125PLMA-GDF-12/130


    Connector type


    Connector key


    Narrow key 2.0±0.02μm
    Key alignment type


    Narrow key aligned to slow axis
    Return loss(FC/UPC) dB >55
    Return loss(FC/APC) dB >65
    Insertion loss dB <0.5
    Polarization extinction ratio (PER) dB >18
    Jacket mm 0.9mm, 2.0mm, 3.0mm ,Armoured
    Fiber length m 0.5m,1m,2m,3m,5m
    Tolerance cm 1~10
    Operating temperature -20~+70
    Storage temperature -40~+85

    Ordering Information:
    w: Operating wavelength
    a/b: Fiber core/cladding diameter
    NA: Fiber core NA
    L: Fiber length in meter
    J: Jacket diameter in mm
    FA/FU: Fiber connectors for both ends. FA: FC/APC; FU: FC/UPC

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