Single Frequency Fiber Laser


Connet Laser Technology is the only one in the industry that can independently develop "optimized traveling wave cavity" type and "distributed feedback linear cavity (DFB)" kHz class single frequency fiber laser. We have completely independent intellectual property rights in China, both types of single-frequency fiber lasers are unique in their ability to meet the needs of high-precision fiber optic sensing, coherent communications, LIDAR, and scientific research.

  The output power of the CoSF-R and CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser seed is on the order of mW. With the high-power narrow-linewidth fiber amplifier optimized by Connet, it can realize the power output of the hundred-watt level.

CoSF-R optimized traveling wave cavity single frequency fiber laser

 The CoSF-R single-frequency fiber laser adopts the unique “optimized traveling wave cavity” design, which eliminates the standing wave hole-burning phenomenon which is easy to occur in the linear cavity fiber laser. Thanks to the ultra-narrow bandwidth all-fiber filter designed by Connet, and the unique polarization control technology that eliminates the polarization hole-burning effect, CoSF-R has a stable linear polarization, single longitudinal mode, and Single-frequency laser output with a real narrow linewidth, down to even <1kH.

     CoSF-R low-noise ultra-narrow linewidth single-frequency fiber laser has excellent performance, and the output optical spectrum linewidth is less than kHz, with ultra-low phase noise.

CoSF-D type distributed feedback linear cavity type (DFB) single frequency fiber laser

  The CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser adopts the "distributed feedback linear cavity (DFB)" design to fabricate high-precision phase-shifted fiber gratings on rare earth doped active fibers, ensuring FSR of GHz by short straight cavity design, enables the selection of a single longitudinal mode output.

     The CoSF-D single-frequency fiber laser has a simple structure and is easy to package to realize long-term stable single-frequency single-longitudinal linear polarization output with high reliability. Connet has the core technology of DFB phase-shift grating production. With years of hard research and development, it can provide “distributed feedback linear cavity (DFB)” single-frequency fiber lasers of almost any wavelength in the 1.0um, 1.5um and 2.0um bands.